- Wim van Rijk-

I have been breeding and flying pigeons since I was nine years old. I started with a few homing pigeons in Voorburg,(South - Holland) and began more seriously racing pigeons after I got married in the late 60s in Hazerswoude.

I have been going quite well, but in the eighties, particularly Barcelona stood out for me. I had sent off only two birds (Wanroys), a brother and sister, who withstood the tough weather conditions of that race so well, that they both returned home to their loft on the official day of arrival (out of only for the whole Leiden district) coming 1e and 4e. Their spirit, speed and endurance so impressed me that from that time, for me, there only was Heavy Fond (long distance) with the Wanroys purchased in first instance from Jan Lynders.

Our bloodlines have now won to date 4x TELETEKST.

I started to get more involved in the sport by writing articles for section 5 in the "Fondkrant" and "De Duif", which gave me the opportunity to meet many enthusiasts and visit many Dutch and Belgium breeding and racing lofts.

As secretary  of section 5, I helped set up all the computer systems and so got to learn the sport inside out. It might not have been the easiest time, but it was interesting and fun and I was to be part of it.

Because of private circumstances, I was unable to race for about five years, but I made a new start in 2006 with again my favourite Wanroy breed which because of my knowledge through earlier visits I purchased from the best in the field.

Since a few years, I have been able to get a number of very good birds for cross breeding from: Flip and Leo Hoogervorst in Ter Aar, was able to get some birds from v.d. Wegen: from the  line of the 1e Nationaal Perpignan and the  line of the 3e  Nationaal Barcelona  and I also have a hen from P. and H. de Weerd, from the line van "De Kruk" and " Argentina" also Patty/Dorus/ Theo/Natasja.

In addition, I own birds from the brothers Brugemann, via toppers they got straight from de "Orhan", "Wegvlieger", "Oude 62", "Myra" etc.

Together with my cousin Max, with whom I regularly run breeding programmes, we picked up a cross section of birds from all the great lines from Schellekens in Riel, but specifically from the line of the "Radar", 1e Nationaal Pau from Gerard Schellekens in Riel. These we also got via Jan de Wijs & Son from Den Hoorn, who already owned a son of the "Radar", namely the "115".

To strengthen our ranks , our latest additions come from Piet de Vogel from Oude Tonge (10 birds, representing a good selection of all his top birds).

As said, the Wanroys still form an important part of our strong race teams.They come from Hans Knetsch in Katwijk and Willem vd. Velden from Boskoop. Knetsch' birds were the basis for Willems', who is recognised by many as the Barcelona 'SPECIALIST'.

Since 2007, I am back again writing and now after articles for the Z.L.U. flights in South - Holland. I do flights on the site of "TOPPIGEONS", F.C. "De GLAZENSTAD", the Belgium site of "PiPa" and the English site "RACING-PIGEON-POST". And for those interested; the articles also appear in the "N.P.O. / FONDKRANT".

Enjoy your sport

Wim van Rijk,  Hazerswoude,  the Netherlands

("De Kapper")